Saturday, August 18, 2007

Clinton is About to Speak

Clinton says that what really made America great was the middle class. The American middle class is under assault. She's running for President because she wants to set big goals for this country. She wants universal health care within the first year. She wants to create five million Green collar jobs. She wants to appoint people who are pro-labor to the Department of Labor.

Cute analogy-she says Republicans' message is "you're on your own" and that stands for yo-yo. In other words, someone else is pulling the strings. We need to move from government by the few, for the few. Good job, warm reception.

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1 comment:

sueglossy said...

If you ask me, America needs to tackle its transport crisis. Why do your urban planners still follow the delusion that building more roads = less traffic.

Here, in Australia, we have similar problems, doesn't mean both nations should go down the unsustainable path together.

America will just deteriorate further if road-building insanity continues unabated.