Sunday, January 06, 2008

Infighting Grounds Georgia GOP

Gov. Perdue, Lt. Gov. Cagle and Speaker Richardson planned a "fly around" last week as a show of unity prior to the session opening next week, only the plane never got off the ground. No, there were no mechanical problems with the plane-just an inability of Georgia's top leadership to agree on a agenda. Here's what the AJC had to say:

Things are so dicey that when state officials tried to organize a fly-around with Perdue, Cagle and Richardson this week, they were unsure if they'd be able to get together on an agenda.

Can't get together on an agenda? Are you kidding me? Drought plagued North Georgia and metro-Atlanta were on a day-to-day water watch, gridlock keeps Georgians in cars for hours, our schools struggle not to be last in the nation, tens of thousands of Georgians lack access to health care and our three top leaders can't agree on an agenda? These "leaders" are focused more on their own political futures than on the needs of Georgians.

Maybe we do need that prayer meeting.

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Trackboy1 said...

What's DuBose's and Calvin's agenda?

Tina said...

Having heard both Dubose Porter and Calvin Smyre speak in 2007, I think their agenda has to do with improvements in quality of life for the citizens of Georgia. Sounds kinda Democratic, doesn't it?

Trackboy1 said...

Well, hope they step up and do better than they did in 2005, 2006 & 2007. Maybe right now is a time to get some voters a little fired up, maybe get just one percent of the Barrack mojo...
If you want to lead, ya gotta produce. When the head coach loses three years in a row, he gets fired.

Tina said...

I agree that people are looking for a new narrative.