Thursday, February 01, 2007

Mayor Ellis Becomes Muslim, May Run for Congress

Randall Savage with WMAZ is reporting that Macon Mayor C. Jack Ellis, a lifelong Christian, is converting to the Islamic faith and is contemplating running for Jim Marshall's congressional seat. From this point forward, the Mayor should be called Hakim Mansour Ellis.

I don't even know what to say about this. Steve Allen, chair of the Bibb County Democratic Party, commented that a person's faith is personal, but that he thought that Mayor Ellis might have a more difficult time winning in the 8th. You think?

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Tina said...

I'm just curious to know whether he plans to run as a Shiite or a Sunni....

VictoratGaImproper said...

Hey lighten up Tina, you tryin to start a war near your alma mater? Cousin Jack is just trying to promote International Cousin Month. Mansour means Victor, i'm in heaven, finally got someone to name their child after me.

Tina said...

He has every right to become a muslim if he wishes. I heard that he has chosen to be a sunni. For those (like myself) who are interested in what being a sunni entails, pls check out this website
for an explanation:

VictoratGaImproper said...

Tina, not that i'm trying interupt the view around here with any non politics-for-politics sake debate but i thought this morning's SB51 defeat in the Senate HHS cmte would be extremely important to you.

Where can we find out who voted this down? I've tried Schaeffer's link and the State of Ga Link to no avail...

See Day 13:


A BILL to be entitled an Act to amend Chapter 2 of Title 49 of the Official Code of Georgia Annotated, relating to the Department of Human Resources, so as to permit the department to obtain national criminal history background data on owners of personal care homes, private home care providers, and child welfare agencies; to provide for definitions; to provide for the establishment of a uniform method of obtaining national criminal history background checks; to prohibit owners with certain criminal records from operating licensed facilities; to provide for rules and regulations; to provide for related matters; to repeal conflicting laws; and for other purposes.

Guess Nursing home owners and children's welfare agency workers don't like to see their shadows either and have put their money where the sun don't shine?

Victor Jones
Macon, Georgia, USA

Health and Human Services
Committee Members

Thomas, Don (R-SS 54) Chairman
Unterman, Renee S (R-SS 45) Vice Chairman
Goggans, Greg (R-SS 07) Secretary
Adelman, David (D-SS 42) Member
Balfour, Don (R-SS 09) Member
Butler, Gloria S. (D-SS 55) Member
Carter, Joseph (R-SS 13) Ex-Officio
Grant, Johnny (R-SS 25) Member
Hawkins, Lee (R-SS 49) Member
Henson, Steve (D-SS 41) Member
Hill, Judson (R-SS 32) Member
Orrock, Nan (D-SS 36) Ex-Officio
Shafer, David (R-SS 48) Ex-Officio
Smith, Preston W. (R-SS 52) Member
Tate, Horacena (D-SS 38) Member
Wiles, John J. (R-SS 37) Member

Khalid said...

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