Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Club "Sinsations" in Macon

This dropped in my email box, and, if accurate, I have to say, I question why "Club Sinsations" belongs in this location in Macon. This letter is from Vic Jones who is doing further research with P&Z.

Tuesday 2/27/07 3a.m

To: Macon/Bibb Planning & Zoning Vernon Ryle,MPD Chief Burns, Bibb Sheriff Department, City Council Public Safety,Bibb Commissioners and all Elected Officials (including Gov Perdue, Cong Marshall, Rep Peake, Sen Brown, Sen Staton)

From: Victor Jones,Rosa Taylor & Riverside Park Neighborhood Watch

Re: Club Sinsations Riverside Drive, Macon, Georgia

Dear Vernon, et al,

Who deemed it appropriate to approve zoning for Club Sinsations on Riverside Drive? After a report of a suspicious male on foot in our neighborhood, I drove through Club Sinsation’s parking lot at 2:45 a.m. There were about a dozen cars in the parking lot, several from other counties in Georgia. And the place was open for business. A young black male loitering in the parking lot said it was an almost nude strip club. A clerk at an all night convenience store said that Club Sinsations was a poker and video gaming establishment. The clerk said there had been a recent surge in suspicious behavior at their store on Riverside Dr & Pierce Avenue. There was also an intoxicated young white male walking through our neighborhood at 2:45a.m. and 911 was notified. A Tattoo parlor, Massage Parlor and now an alleged “All night strip joint/gambling house” all right here on Riverside Drive, Macon, Georgia, to set an example for the school kids at Rosa Taylor Elementary? What gives leaders?

Vic Jones
Rosa Taylor & Riverside Park Neighborhood Watch

Cc: Press

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VictoratGaImproper said...
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VictoratGaImproper said...
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henry said...

"This post has been removed by the author." Obviously, you take down everything that you disagree with. Why don't you mind your own business? Do you find it so offensive that men might want to go someplace to look at women who are not morbidly obese like you are? If you don't like this club, don't patronize it. What gives you right-wing fatties the right to tell everybody else what to do?

henry said...

If you don't like the club, don't patronize it. Or you could go and try it out. Maybe you'd like it enough to lose about a hundred pounds and apply for a job. What is it about you right-wing fatties that makes you think you should be in charge of what everybody else does? Why don't you mind your own business for once? Of course, you'll remove this comment like you removed all the others. Heaven forbid anyone would disagree with the lardass quesn of the universe.