Sunday, July 16, 2006

Prominent Georgia Women Endorse Cox: Add Your Name Here!

During the last two years, literally thousands of Georgia women have stepped forward to support Cathy Cox's bid to become Georgia's next Governor. Now, with the primary election just hours away, Georgia women are again showing their support for Georgia's next Governor, Cathy Cox.

Below, you will find an endorsement letter that has already been signed by many women from all over Georgia, names too numerous to list entirely here. I have included just a sample of those who have already added their names to this effort.

We ask that you add your own name to this endorsement and pass this letter on to others. One easy way to do that is by clicking on the envelope icon at the bottom of this post and forwarding this letter to friends. Let's show our support for Cathy Cox, the one candidate who will stop the backroom deals and make government work for all of us!

Dear Friends,

We, a group of women from throughout Georgia who have signed below, strongly support Cathy Cox as our next governor.

If you agree, please pass this on to as many women as you can, and ask them to add their name and forward to all of their like minded friends. Encouraging committed Cathy Cox supporters to vote is how she can prevail next Tuesday! This is a race which is within the margin of error according to polls and turnout is the key to victory.

On Tuesday, July 18th, voters in Georgia will have the opportunity to make history by electing Cathy Cox as the first woman to be the Democratic nominee for governor of Georgia.

Cathy is a woman of many firsts. She was the first woman to practice law in her hometown of Bainbridge, Georgia and its surrounding counties, and the first woman elected to the state legislature from her area in Southwest Georgia. As Georgia’s first female Secretary of State, she revolutionized our state’s voting machine systems to make this state a national leader on election reform. And we strongly believe that she will become the first woman governor of Georgia.

Throughout her entire career in public service, Cathy has fought hard for Georgia families and women:

· As a state legislator, she authored Georgia’s first anti-stalking law.

· As Secretary of State, she cracked down on deadbeat parents.

· As Commissioner of Securities, she protected seniors and vulnerable Georgians from investment fraud predators and prosecuted the state’s largest security violation cases.

· Cathy has always supported a woman’s right to choose.

· As a candidate for governor, she has offered serious and substantive solutions to this state’s toughest problems: education, health care, transportation, investment security, and law enforcement.

To us, Cathy Cox is a friend, a colleague, a sister, and a role model. She is a leader and a fighter. She represents the future. And her campaign is about changing the way things are done in this state.

It’s time to move forward from yesterday’s brand of politics. It’s time to shake up the good old boys’ network and make this government work for every single Georgian.

And with Cathy as our governor, we can make that happen. Cathy has detailed plans (available on her website to provide Georgia’s children with a world-class education, make health care accessible and affordable to all Georgia families, keep our communities safe and drug-free and reduce traffic gridlock with innovative transportation solutions. She also has plans to protect the environment, reduce our dependency on foreign oil, and provide retirement security to seniors.

A vote for Cathy Cox on July 18th is a vote to end the good old boy network and politics-as-usual. It’s a vote to focus this state on the future and make it a better place for ourselves and our children. And, it’s a vote to make history.

Sadly, voter turnout on Election Day is expected to be very low, so Cathy needs your help! Many of us are giving of our time and energy in these critical days by volunteering on Monday, July 17th and Tuesday, July 18th. No matter where in Georgia you live, you can make a difference on Election Day. You can reach the campaign and offer your help by emailing

Thank you in advance for your support for Cathy Cox. Together, we will make history!

Dr. Portia Shields

The Honorable Dr. Louise McBee
Mickey Montevideo

Heather Alhadeff
Kay Beynart
Caroline Bethea
Carol Binns
The Honorable Lisa Borders
The Honorable Anne Fauver
Caroline Brown
Stephanie Davis
Elizabeth Dennison
Melita Easters
Patrise Perkins-Hooker
Susan M. Hunter
Melanie Goux
Libby Johnson
Mary Long
Kathryn MacDougald
Robin Meyer
Caroline Moise
Carol Morgan
Debbie Neese
Bobbie Paul
Alice Pettway
Lisa Turner
Margot Townsend
Dr. Margaret Scarlett
Polly Simpson
Patty Smitherman
Anna Swinson
Peggy Whitaker
Molly Woo
Ebony Barley
Embri Barley
Sonya Tate
Eleanor Rayton
Ebony Barley

Cobb County
Lacy Barnes

Reba Barley

Glennie Bench
Roslyn Palmer

The Honorable Carolyn Hugley

Donna Darracott

Helen L. Strickland

Judy Burke Bynum

Wendy Boston
Janice Brice
Mary Frances Burt
Lynn Cass
The Honorable Willette Chambliss
Tiffany Cusson
Dr. Peggy DuBose
Dr. Hilary Ellwood
The Honorable Lynn Farmer
Laura Hogue
Earline Ham
The Rev. Camille Hegg
Dr. Daisy Hurst-Floyd
Dr. Ruth Knox
The Honorable Elaine Lucas
Betty T. Lumpkin
Amy Morton
The Honorable Filomena Mullis
The Honorable Anita Ponder
The Honorable Nikki Randall
Nancy Terrill
Pearlie Tolliver
Jo Wilbanks
Dr. Mary Wilder
Joni Woolf
The Honorable Brenda Youmas

Shelia Parrott

Kristina Simms

St. Simons Island

Jimmie Ann Abner

Warner Robins
Betty Pearsall

Maxine Harris

Dr. Kay Weeks

The Honorable Beth English

Michelle Smith

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Ya left off Warner Robins....:-)

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wouldnt this be effective if sent out, let's see, with more than 24 hours before an election?

JohnnieMauriceJones said...

I went to school with Cathy,she was smart then and I'm sure now.You go girl...I may not live there now but I am all for women rights. Thanks,Johnnie Maurice(Recie)Jones