Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Cathy Wins: Taylor Focused on the Past

Oh, my goodness. When I said that Mark Taylor was the King of the Sound Bite, I was not exaggerating. Tonight, while Cathy Cox offered succinct, common sense solutions to problems and described her track record of bringing people together, Taylor stayed focused on the past. Here's what I take away from this debate: If you are happy with how things have been in Georgia: Vote for Mark Taylor. Let's not forget, Taylor wants to talk about his record, but he was in the Senate and Lt. Gov. at at time when Democrats could move legislation through at will, and despite that "we're still 49 our of 50." As Mac said, "What have you done lately?" Cathy Cox is about change and solutions.

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angrydem said...

Amy he was talking to both MT and CC when he made that comment.

Amy Morton said...

Yes, but when he confronted Cathy earlier I thought she did a good job of descirbing what she has done as SOS. Let me take of my Cathy hat for a minute. I think that it is hard for Taylor to point to the last four years for accomplishments because his powers were pretty much removed by the republicans. So, it's almost not a fair question for him. Cathy was able to retain all of her duties and ran a large department, so there's more to talk about. And, I really am disappointed that Mark does not talk about a platform beyong HOPE and reducing class size. Cathy mentioned both but also talked about additional ideas of substance. You have to admit that Mark very obviously repeated, over and over, two or three lines. That was a little much for me.

Lyman Hall said...

MT did great. The line about warning the family dog of CC's attacks was golden. It'll probably make a newspaper story about the debate (which is the real goal since nobody was watching).

CC was good, personable. She did look a little desperate when attacking though. I'm surprised she didn't bring up flaggers like she did in that ridiculous flyer. I thought MT's cool, above the fray style was a little better for the debate.

I really didn't get a sense of some deep, developed platform from CC. Maybe if you are a wonk who has read her white papers, you could read in between the lines more. The average voter heard "lower class sizes" and better high school, just like MT.

I hope we can all agree on the true loser of the night: Bill Bolton.

VoteDem said...

I agree with Amy...Cathy Cox was superior tonight...I hope she can pull out a victory. I know several Republican women who will vote for her. I assume they would not have been captured in the Dem polls.

Steve said...

I didnt see the debate, and i am still undecided as to if i will even vote in the primary.

Ed Hula III said...


I dont think I have ever said anything that crass before...on a blog.

Ed Hula III said...

I wish I could say something about the debates.

Oh hell, MT won. CC looked bad. MT made the babies coo, CC curdled milk, many mean things were said.

I bet the last was certainely true.

Amy Morton said...

Ed, I have it on TIVO, but that does you little good unless you're our neighbor. But I think that the debate is going to be archived at GPTV.

Ed Hula III said...

Excellent Amy. Thank you.

Still stand by my earlier comment least the last part ;D

btw: no one in my family (registered Taylor-ites), from Atl to Kennesaw to Acworth have recieved their voters cards telling them where to vote...mass voter disenfranchisement at the hands of CC.

I jest of course.

angrydem said...

I agree with you on MT having a hard time the last couple of years as LG in trying to do anything with them stripping him of all of his powers, but he did do some good stuff desptite that. HEROES, etc.

I will put my comment from an earlier thread here since this is where people are comenting on this.

I think that Cathy did a better job of presenting herself in the debate. Without a doubt she has a "sense" about her.

Mark also did a good job, but his personality does not come across nearly as positively as Cathy's.

That being said, I think if you just read a transcript of the debate you would have a very hard time deciding who won between the two. Both had great answers and stayed on message, and committed no gaffs (which with the small number of people actually watching these things is the real challenge).

Without a doubt though, McCarley was the highlight of the debate. Makes me almost want to vote for him.

justin said...

By the way, Cathy has a new commerical out! It's a GREAT one!

demblogs said...

Slam dunk best describes tonights debate. Even in Taylor's hometown he beat the same drum about what he did in the past and he really can't lay claim to HOPE regardless of what he tells you! Cox spoke with such composure and it was evident that she has really researched and listened to people from all walks of life about what's important to Georgians. Her plan for education makes no promises to fix things overnight but rather to start from the ground up. Do people realize that doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result is called insanity and Mark Taylor's plan for education is just that!

Button Gwinnett said...

Cox and Taylor both lived up to Creative Loafing's description of each in their endorsement of Cox. Cox knew her stuff and it showed. She spoke from the heart, looking right into the camera. Taylor seemed much more rehearsed and depended on notecards too often as compared to Cox.

Cox's ideas also really did shine through. On the other hand, Taylor was very repetitive. I'm not sure if he meant that as a way to drum in several key phrases. Or if he just isn't as detailed as Cox is in her solutions.

This is the type of event where Cox really shines.

Amy Morton said...

Staying on messsge is a candidate skill that few master, but Taylor certainly has. Maybe it will work for him; who knows, but I do think that you are right on both counts, he was being intentionally repetitive and his policies are not well thought out. He's resting on HOPE, PeachCare and not much else. I really was surprised when I went to his website and looked for something on his environmental policy and found zip.

One last thought. His presentation was so mechanical that he reminded me of one of those dolls- you pull the string and it repeats one of three or four phrases. It's ironic that the most famous of those are called "Chatty Cathy" dolls. I really expected more from him tonight. I thought that perhaps his lit was light on substance to keep Cathy from attacking fine points, but maybe that's all there is.

And I know I said one last thing, but three people have called me to say that the remark about Sasha and he running together for Governor was a turn off. They all said that if they were not interested in electing a "team."

Button Gwinnett said...

Amy, I'm going to defend Taylor's "team" remark. On the outer edge of politics, one of the most fascinating things that I find about political leaders are their spouses. My favorite "team" of all time was Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter who really did work as a team. Jimmy would've never been president without Rosalynn doing all that she did - from running the family business while he was in the state senate, being the perfect governor's wife, and then flat out campaigning from courthouse to courthouse and from barnyard to barnyard in 48 states for Jimmy.

I don't know much about Sasha at all. But from reading Mark's blog, it sounds like she has been very particpatory.

So I might even go so far as to say that Mark owed Sasha that remark tonight. But it didn't help him. Cathy looked more knowledgeable and more statesman-like. Or is that stateswoman? ;-)

decaturguy said...

Were any of you people concerned about the fact that both Cox and Taylor slobbered all overthemselves to make sure that we knew that they are "very excited" that we can now teach Bible studies in the public schools or about how much they liked abortion restrictions?

How can you vote for either one of these two?

Ed Hula III said...

"they are "very excited" that we can now teach Bible studies in the public schools or about how much they liked abortion restrictions?

How can you vote for either one of these two?"

Because some people (most in GA) agree with these beliefs....

Tina said...

I watched the debates live in Albany. MT was repetitive and a bit bombastic. Whatever the question, his answer was pretty much the same. CC was cool, sharp, and original in her responses. I am somewhat appalled at AJC's endorsement of Taylor today and wonder if somehow/somewhere this endorsement was a corporate-inspired move. The polls I have seen show CC doing better against Perdue.

Ed Hula III said...

"The polls I have seen show CC doing better against Perdue."

You must be looking at very old polls. Certainly not the last two which show MT far closer to SP than CC.

Heck, I even posted the results as a response to a comment of yours.

MissLiberal said...