Wednesday, July 12, 2006

AJC Endorses Jim Martin for Lt. Gov.

Jim Martin has had a good week. First, former Gov. Roy Barnes gave him the nod, and today, the AJC, pointing to his 18 years of experience and the respect that he has from both Democrats and Republicans, endorsed him. I like Jim and have been torn in this race because I thought that Greg had the better "political machine" and might be a in a better position to beat Ralph; however, when I watched the debate on Sunday, I was impressed with Jim. He was the statesman on the stage. His answers were on point and succinct. He's a smart guy. And then there was that nasty piece of mail we got from the Hecht campaign yesterday....It sealed the deal for me. Martin gets my vote. Here's the link to read the endorsement:

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Ed Hula III said...

she'll get the AJC's nod too (I think). I wonder if there is enough time to capatilize off of the momentum

Button Gwinnett said...

I, too, have been torn in this race because I like what both Martin and Hecht have to say. And I like how they both, despite differing styles, have a way of getting the job done.

I've seen more than one endorsement for either candidate that has basically said that you can't go wrong with either of these candidates. And I tend to agree with that. I'll gladly support the winner of this race in the fall.

Ed Hula III said...

It really doesn't matter who we nominate for Lt Gov, RR will win the Primary and the Nat'l Dems will beat down on RR. He'll have no support from the natl and our nominee will be a sinecure for the next four years.

liberalandproud said...

ed, how can you say that it doesn't matter who we nominate for Lt. Gov? I know I sound idealistic, but politics is about more than just getting your side elected. It is also about making sure that nominees are qualified and have their prioroties straight. Granted, the last person I want in any elected office is Ralph Reed, but I still think it matters who we nominate to face him (or Cagle). I'm voting for Hecht in the primary and the Democratic nominee in the general.