Thursday, March 22, 2007

Please Let This Be Good News, Not Bad

CNN is reporting that Sen. John Edwards cut short a campaign trip to Iowa in order to accompany his wife, Elizabeth, to a doctor's visit. The visit followed a routine test preformed earlier. Elizabeth Edwards, a breast cancer survivor, has been in good health for some time. John and Elizabeth Edwards will hold a news conference Thursday to discuss her health. Our prayer tonight is that this is good news, not bad news.

Cross-posted at Georgia Votes Edwards.

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Don Thieme said...

Unfortunately, it is hard to imagine that this could be good news. Just yesterday, I heard both NPR political commentators agree that Edwards had the most consistent and well-defined platform of all of the candidates, Democratic or Republican.

Amy Morton said...

I agree on both counts. Let's hope for the best for the Edwards family. They have faced so many challenges and with such grace. I am confident that they will do the right thing for their family.

Don Thieme said...

Some good news after all, apparently. Although the cancer is back, they are going to continue the campaign.

Amy Morton said...

They are a study in courage.