Sunday, January 28, 2007

What Mike Berlon Did

Because of Mike Berlon, Georgia Democrats will never again forget to acknowledge the power of grassroots activism. Because of Jim Nelson, we may all learn to speak "evangelical." Hattie Dorsey, though her service and her candidacy, made certain that we will never again take for granted the support of women and African Americans. And, who better than Carol Jackson to challenge us to re-define "winnable" and remind us that we can successfully reach out to rural Georgia? In Jane Kidd, we elected a powerful, smart, creative women to lead us, but there is no question that the others who ran point the way toward a winning strategy, and I have no doubt that Jane will make sure they are all at the table as we make plans to move forward.

I have never been more proud to be a Georgia Democrat than I was yesterday. For a Party that has spent much of the last six years doing virtually everything wrong, we finally did virtually everything right.

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Tina said...

It's so reassuring to hear this good news...!

Bo_Dog said...

all good except the whisper campaign against patty payne. such a sham and shame. it's sad that people would sink so low to say untrue stuff about her- typical sexist fodder to smear her.

Amy Morton said...

I hate to hear that about Patty. She is one of my personal heroes.

consultant said...

Hey, with good news like this, maybe the Dems will be back in power in about 100 years!