Friday, January 26, 2007

Stop. Please. Stop.

I love the fact that people are so eager to serve in DPG offices that they are employing all of the typical strategies. Heck, I half expect to turn on my television and see an ad for one or more of the candidates. I appreciate the mail, the emails, the videos, the websites, and the letters from third parties in support of candidates, but, and this is my personal bias: I HATE ROBO-CALLS, and I just got one ON MY CELL PHONE from one of the candidates. What is "Calling Post" anyway?

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1 comment:

Arvilla said...

Actually, CallingPost is a great web tool. The Cobb County Dems use it to send out reminders to our members about our monthly breakfasts and any other events that are in the immediate future.

Last year, Scott Holcomb used it to target voters in Cobb, mentioned our breakfast, and we were the lucky benficiaries of some new visitors. Check out, you may find a use for it.