Saturday, January 27, 2007

Kidd Wins

Kidd wins DPG chairs race.

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Lyman Hall said...


retired_cowboy said...

Now, to get the party as far away from Atlanta as possible - it's our only hope. The folks in Atlanta know how to win in Atlanta but nowhere else in the state.

Go Jane!

BTW - Martin Matheny is the best Democratic political operative in the state and if you don't know who he is then that's an indictment of you; not him.

Let's get ready for another "color change" in Georgia!

Amy Morton said...

Yes. This was a very good day for Georgia Democrats.

Tina said...

All together now ! Get set, get ready, on your mark--GO !!

Button Gwinnett said...

Congrats to Jane Kidd and all the winners yesterday.

VictoratGaImproper said...

What kind of shoes was Jane wearing?