Saturday, December 30, 2006

Big Props to Bernita

For a while, in one way or another, several of us have been talking about devising a way to create a database of all elected Democrats in Georgia, to assist us with candidate recruitment, GOTV and other activities that we ought to be able to help coordinate on a statewide basis. Several people have expressed interest and have begun working on this is one way or another. Bernita has been working away, and while I think I will keep the details quiet for now, this gal's on to something that has great potential. Thanks, Bernita. You go girl!

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MelGX said...

Nita's a wiki witch! Hopefully she'll roll it out this coming week.

BD Smith said...

I will finish it up as soon as I get out of our dial-up country. It ain't easy doing the wiki on dial-up. You city slickers are lucky to have that fancy DSL stuff.