Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Georgia's Own "Fight Club Politics"

While this is actually the name of a book by Juliet Eilperin, when I heard the phrase tonight on The Daily Show, I thought Stewart was about to do a piece on our Georgia politics. Eilperin's book is about how partisanship and careful alliances to insure the durability of incumbents is destroying government. Sound familiar? I want to read this book!

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MelGX said...

I just went on a shopping spree at Amazon. If I'd seen this post first, I would have thrown that book into my cart. Here's what I bought:

"Campaigning for Hearts and Minds : How Emotional Appeals in Political Ads Work

"Going Dirty : The Art of Negative Campaigning"

"Political Polling : Strategic Information in Campaigns

"The Manship School Guide to Political Communication"
(Only because it was from LSU Press)

"Get Out the Vote: How to Increase Voter Turnout"

"Running for Office: The Strategies, Techniques and Messages Modern Political Candidates Need to Win Elections"

Somebody please stop me.