Tuesday, May 02, 2006

"Zigzag Zell" and "Switcharoo Perdue"

Come on. So, Miller is supporting Perdue. Big deal.

It should come as no surprise that Zigzag Zell is supporting Switcharoo Perdue.
They have so much in common, after all.

Both, rather than deciding what they believe is right and then doing that, stick their political finger in the wind to test public opinion, and then decide what to say next. When someone does not lead and instead follows the whim of public opinion, they appear to change their mind- a lot.

For instance:

* Perdue, when he initially ran for Governor, indicated that Barnes was out of touch with rural Georgia, saying that Gov. Barnes eats steak while the rest of Georgians eat pork 'n' beans. Yet, yesterday, Switcharoo launched his campaign, not in his Middle Georgia home, but in the Big City of Marietta. Our feelings are hurt, Gov'ner.

* In 2004, Perdue appealed to teachers, promising to support public education and return control to local districts and to classroom teachers. If by support he means cuts of more than 2.3 billion, and by local control he means telling districts how they must spend their scarce dollars, then I guess he kept this promise. And this (election) year, he switched again, sending gift cards and long overdue raises to teachers. Now there's a clever strategy.

* In the 2005 legislative cycle, the Perdue Team put forward legislation that would have kept secret government negotiations to turn your home over to private developers; this year, Switcharoo Perdue brags about a constitutional amendment to protect the rights of property owners. He hopes the voters won't notice.

Perdue's big campaign punch is to parade Zell Miller in front of voters. I don't think this is going to work, but who can blame Sonny? He can hardly run on his bait-and-switch record that makes it possible to predict but one thing: in a second term, Sonny will do what benefits Sonny.

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1 comment:

Button Gwinnett said...

Yes, I always look at incumbents with a raised brow when they like to hand out freebies during an election year. Those same problems existed in 2003, 2004, and 2005. But because 2006 is an election year, we start seeing actions (which are mere bandaids really) being taken on these problems.

And I too was perplexed by Sonny's choice of venue to kick off his campaign. I guess maybe he thinks he's outgrown the place that's given him the most - middle GA.