Monday, July 28, 2008

Martin Finds His Grassroots in Macon

Much has been written and even more muttered about the Martin campaign neglecting the grassroots and instead focusing on funding television advertising. Well, it looks like Martin is finding his grassroots in Macon, again, just like he did in the run-off for the Lt. Gov. nomination. (For those of you who do not remember the history, Martin defeated Greg Hecht in the run-off for Lt. Gov. in 2006. Bibb County went for Hecht in the primary but for Martin in the run-off.)
With the union endorsement now in his pocket, my good friends Terrell Hill and Henry Gallimore are helping to put together an old fashioned "bring the family" fish fry for Jim in Macon this Saturday. Let me just say that their involvement in this event is very significant. It's NOT a fundraiser; it's good old fashioned grassroots campaigning, and I am now betting Jim carries Bibb in the run-off.

Here are the details.

Come Meet Jim Martin
Democrat for U.S. Senate
Family Fish Fry
Saturday, August 2nd
4-7 p.m.
Central City Park
off Walnut Street
Macon, Georgia

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Dora said...

If I weren't going to be in Dallas, TX on business - I'd drive all the way there just to shake his hand and meet you.

James said...

So Martin decides to start campaigning the weekend before the runoff?

Yeah, you're right this is a great campaign strategy!

Amy Morton said...

No, James. Jim did not just decide to start campaigning a week before the election. He has been to Macon three times that I know of already, and not just for fundraisers. He has met with local supporters and done interviews with local tv and radio. But, this event has to make Jones very, very nervous. Jones' base in Bibb is eroding faster than quick sand. Jim's going to do here exactly what he did in the Lt. Gov. Primary-he's going to win Bibb in the run-off with a broad base of support.

James said...

You wrote Jim found his grassroots again. This means he hasn't been doing any. And I know he hasn't been doing any thats visible at least. You speak of how he's been to Macon already, well thats news to me and I doubt he's drawing crowds or even a dozen people at this "events." Just give it up, Martin might win, but its not because of enthusiasm about his campaign.

Amy Morton said...

Again, just like he did in 2006, and you can expect a repeat of the same. Sorry if you have not gotten notice of events. Hope you will come out to the fish fry on Saturday. When you say that there is no enthusiasm about his campaign, you must be speaking for yourself, and that's fine. You certainly don't speak for me or any of the other folks I know in Macon and around the state you are doing all they can to make sure Jim wins. I am VERY enthusiatic to have the opportunity to vote for someone of strong character and experience-who has never and will never embarrass us in the United States Senate.

James said...

The entire campaign is lackluster. From Jim's hairpiece to his supporters. You're late to the game Amy, I don't buy this line that you've been enthusiastic about this race from day one.

Amy Morton said...

Then you don't know me. But, based on the content of your blog, it looks like you're a Saxby troll and that you are really, really worried about Jim. We all know that he's the last guy Saxby wants to run against.

James said...

Funny because you're the one who looks like some kind of monster.

The point is that Martin has run a shoddy shoddy campaign and will get stomped on if he is the nominee. At least Vernon is being aggressive.

Amy Morton said...

Are you twelve years old, James? Really. If you are a republican supporting Saxby, you're actually welcome here. You won't find a lot of Saxby love on these pages, but, if you're good, we're good. But, don't come around here pretending to be anything other than who you are. That's being a troll.