Monday, June 30, 2008

He Did NOT Say That!

"I like to touch people because they don't forget me when I touch them." That's what Vernon Jones said as he came over to shake my hand at a political forum in Macon tonight. That sound you heard was my jaw hitting the floor.

I kid you not. If there's anyone out there who does not get why this statement was a shocker, refer you to the AJC's endorsement in this race.

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Wander_Boy said...

There is a more viable choice than Vern. See this:
Jim is slipping away to Rand.

Emma said...

I'm late getting this on, but I have to agree, Amy - Vernon Jones' comment was inappropriate. This is the first time I'd seen him, and I have to say, I'm glad we have other choices.

That said, it was a great night, and you and your other moderators blew me away with the quality of your questions to the participants. I was so proud to be at a forum hosted by politically aware, articulate and challenging moderators.

Amy Morton said...

Thanks, Emma. It was certainly an interesting evening!