Saturday, June 14, 2008

2008 WIN List Endorsed Candidates

On Tuesday, the first candidate Georgia's WIN List endorsed this cycle, Dee Dawkins Haigler, won the run-off, and is now the elected representative for HD93. Way to go Dee! In total, WIN List endorsed 28 fantastic Democratic women this year. With your support, all of these great women can be serving under the Gold Dome come January. Here's the list. Pick your favorite and SEND THEM A CHECK!

SD 12 Freddie Powell Sims (I)†
SD 34 Valencia Seay (I)†
SD 36 Nan Orrock (I)†
SD 38 Horacena Tate (I)†
SD 44 Gail Davenport (I)‡
SD 55 Gloria Butler (I)†

HD 38 Pat Dooley‡
HD 39 Alisha Thomas Morgan (I)‡
HD 56 Kathy Ashe (I)*
HD 57 Pat Gardner (I)*
HD 58 Robbin Shipp (I)*
HD 59 Margaret Kaiser (I)†
HD 60 Georganna Sinkfield (I)*
HD 61 Edith Ladipo†
HD 65 LeWanna Heard†
HD 74 Roberta Abdul-Salaam (I)*
HD 83 Mary Margaret Oliver (I)*
HD 84 Stacey Abrams (I)*
HD 85 Stephanie Stuckey Benfield (I)‡
HD 86 Karla Drenner (I)*
HD 87 Michele Henson (I)*
HD 91 Rita Robinzine†
HD 92 Pam Stephenson (I)†
HD 93 Dee Dawkins-Haigler (I)†
HD 130 Debbie Buckner (I)*
HD 133 Carolyn Hugley (I)*
HD 138 Nikki Randall (I)*
HD 177 Jaki Johnson‡

(I) Incumbent; *Denotes no opposition; †Primary opposition: ‡General opposition

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