Friday, May 04, 2007

Promoted from Comments: Call 911

From the comments, Tina has a point:

Known by whom? If Whitehead has inside knowledge of the identity and whereabouts of "known terrorists" perhaps he will do the rest of us the favor of taking sensible calling 911 before the bombs start exploding.

What's Whitehead thinking? He needs to call Homeland Security right now and turn in all those "known terrorists."

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Don Thieme said...

I think that there is a list of names for known Al Qaeda - Osama, Muhammad, Sami, Ibrahim, Yousef, and a few others. They also usually have dark skin. That is how you know them when they try to register to vote.

I do not think Georgians are obliged to alert the federal authorities. We have a right of self-protection here with respect to use of firearms.

Amy Morton said...

Don, I hate to tell you this, but thanks to the NRA, terror suspects may be armed as well. Check the front page.

Tina said...

By the same logic, if your first name is Wolfgang and your skin is white, you'd better quit goofing off and start composing. If your name is Wolfgang and your skin is white and you were born in Austria, well, we are expecting more than just a little night music. How about some requiems, sonatas, operas etc.?