Monday, November 13, 2006

What if There Were No Democratic Primary?

And no "county" parties? On a short list of what we Georgia Dems have to do to win, I would put forming functional, strong local organizations. I think that we need to consider moving away from the idea of County Parties. In some larger metro areas, one county party is not enough, and in some smaller areas, two or three counties might have to combine to form a group. I would also like feedback on how well it works to have a State Party and then have the County Parties as a separate organization. I know that there is a relationship, but is it effective?

Now here's something radical think about. What if we moved away from electing our nominees for constitutional office on a primary ballot and instead considered electing them at a convention as happens in a few other states? The advantage would be that we would be forever spared the expensive bloodbath that was the 2006 Democratic Primary for Governor, and that whole Street Money thing would be diffused, at least in the primary.

Okay, we said that we need to think out of the box.....

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Steve said...

The County Party system can work if you break it down to the lower levels. District Chairs are the key. Generally, using the Commissioner Districts works. Each District Chair is responsible for the precincts in the district. They sit on a steering or exective cmte and have the same influence as any county vice-chair or officer.

Kathy said...

As usual Amy you have some great ideas. Mine is a large county with a small Democratic presence. The idea of joining with other counties in the same boat is very appealing.

I can't see much downside for the idea of choosing one candidate at the convention,especially after the massive loss of money and goodwill leading directly to our disappointing performance this time around. If Democrats would like more participation, I would suggest showing up at Commitee meetings and not just at the polls. This would also prevent Republicans from "helping" us choose from primary contenders.

Tina said...

I'm not sure that electing nominees at a convention would provide either an adequate sample of Democratic opinion or a prediction of who might do well in the general election. The people who went to the convention would probably be political junkies like me. We Democratic political junkies are often atypical voters in this state. :-)