Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Soaking Wet

Let me tell you about what Lauren Benedict has been doing today. She started her day at 7 AM, standing on the side of the road in South Bibb and then moved from precinct to precinct in every county in the district, in the rain, asking for votes.

This is nothing new. The level of commitment and enthusiasm Lauren has displayed through the course of this campaign is amazing. She has worked hard, with a good team. While we don't know the outcome, one thing we do know, she really has run a remarkable campaign, especially for a first-time candidate. I have never seen anyone work harder or smarter.

(Someone in the room said, "Gov. in '10, and she even has a college degree!)

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1 comment:

Kathy said...

This election was disappointing to Lauren, but those who will suffer most for their short-sightedness are the people of her district. The ones who voted for Freeman will deserve what they get, but those with the good sense to vote for Lauren Benedict deserve better. Let's hope she will give Georgians another chance to send her to Atlanta in 2008.