Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Booth space for Dem candidates at GA National Fair

Thanks to a contribution by the GADCC, Houston County Democrats will be able to provide booth space to Democratic candidates at the Georgia National Fair (Perry) in October . Earlier we thought we would have to charge to cover expenses of the booth. Now we can offer to share our booth space FREE. We will have morning, afternoon, and evening slots to fill and they are going fast. Candidates, please get in touch with Kathy Bird Kathy Bird at
This is a great opportunity for regional and state-wide candidates to meet & greet many of the thousands of Georgians who visit the fair. A calendar has been prepared and we are already filling in the time slots. WE ALSO NEED VOLUNTEERS TO TAKE A TURN AT THE BOOTH.
If you plan a visit to the fair, why not donate some time to helping at the Democratic booth? Volunteers contact Kathy Bird at

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Ed Hula III said...

I was in Montana and attended the Missoula MT fair. THe unions had a *HUGE* display with lots of flyers and stickers and other goodies. As did the Dems.

Alas, Dems still have a lot of power there as do Unions...

But if MT can do it, so can Georgia.

Tina said...

We'll have a double booth in a good location with lots of decorations, flyers, stickers and other goodies. If ya want to come volunteer, get in touch with HoCo Democrats.

Ed Hula III said...

HoCo? Is that like SoCo? I like both! ;D

Ed Hula III said...

So I know who I'm addressing, is it Ms. Kathy Bird Kathy Bird, or just Ms. Kathy Bird? :D

Tina said...

I think you can figure that out on your own. Not to fret yourself about typos when so much else is at stake. It's time for all of us who want Dems to win in November to get out, volunteer, and otherwise help our gals and guys with that last push toward!
Taking out the pen and writing some checks will help too.