Sunday, March 12, 2006

JJ and Crossover Day

Tomorrow, the State Committee of the Democratic Party of Georgia will meet, and tomorrow night, the annual Jefferson Jackson dinner will be held. This dinner is one of the major fundraisers for the state party, but I imagine that many of our legislators will be unable to attend. Eighty plus bills are on the House calendar, and tomorrow is day 30, crossover day in the state legislature. If a bill doesn't move to the other chamber by midnight tomorrow, it is effectively dead for the session. There are multiple constitutional amendments and other important (and some not so important) bills pending, so I think that the dems best stay and hold the line where they can. Of course, that tomorrow is this critical legislative day is entirely coincidental. It's also an accident that the legislative session finished up at 2 PM on the day Bush was here. Complete accident. Speaker Richardson and the Governor could never be capable of such pettiness. I guess that's just politics.

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Amelia said...

Just think back to school. The bullies cheated, lied, and was rewarded through fear. Think where they go a few years later. They are fat, uneducated, unsuccessful, and in great need of therapy.

Rock on karma!

Amy Morton said...

None of them ended up in my office (for therapy). Hey, maybe that was the answer...